My name is Barry Shoff, I'm a 37 years old work-aholic / 4x4-aholic :-)  I have gone through many, many 4x4's over the years and one of my personal all time favorites is the Toyota FJ40.

I still remember the first FJ40 I ever saw... I was a working 16yr old kid pumping gas & it came rolling in to the gas station. It was tan with roof racks sitting on 44" super swamper tires and under the hood was a Chevy 454ci !! I couldn't believe that a big block was stuffed in such a small vehicle! I must of asked the guy 100+ questions, LOL! I've always loved the awesome FJ40!!

As the owner of, I have been in house manufacturing Jeep body armor for over 8 years with thousands of happy customers. Since I started,  I've received at least 5 emails a week with special order requests for Toyota FJ40 body armor. I was left with no option but to expand my business & design/manufacture body armor for the awesome Toyota FJ40 too!

I scoured the globe to find the best diamond plate at the very best prices.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the best metals are still made here in America. I buy my metal in very large quantities and pass the savings off to you. Our cutting and bending is done in house without any extra handling fees to you. 

Please check out my products and if you have any questions or suggestions please send me an email to:
I do all my product testing in the real world: over the road, in the woods & covered in mud. If they don't hold up or fit properly for me- I won't sell them to you, period!

I want you to know that you are going to get the very best value for your  very hard earned moneyI encourage you to search the net and compare my prices with the other suppliers.

I know you're busy but if you have the time I would love to hear from you and  how awesome my diamond plate products look on your FJ.

Coming soon to is our Customers FJ40's page it will contain all of your cruiser pictures, please send them in!
Thanks for your business & God Bless!,

--Barry Shoff

   Owner: &

P.S.  At this time I would like to thank God, my family, friends, Loyal Customers, our suppliers and my web designer for all the support and hard work !   Thanks to you all!!! :)